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It's the wild wild west and you're a revolver. This obviously means that you have to kill all revolvers of a different color than you. Be careful though, as revolvers aren't the most agile beings and can only shoot downwards. Gain a height advantage or you're done for.

This is a multiplayer game for 2-4 local players. No singleplayer is available (unless you're very good and simultaneously bad at multitasking), neither is online multiplayer.

The game was created by University of Skövde students during the weekend of 19th-21st of February 2016. Here's a sweet credits list in no particular order (except for me being first, but hey, I created this page!):

  • Simon Bergqvist (Programming)
  • Oskar Wetterbrandt (Animation)
  • Max Burman (Animation)
  • John Kalderon (3D)
  • Samuel Thorslund (2D)
  • Victor Engström (Sound)
  • Vile Hartman (Sound)

The actions are left and right, jump/shoot (if airborne) and back (in menus). Player 1-4 controls are:

Keyboard (Jump, Left, Back, Right)

  1. WASD
  2. Up, Left, Down, Right [arrow keys]
  3. IJKL
  4. 8, 4, 5, 6 [numpad]

Xbox Controller (using controllers 1-4 to determine player id)

  • Joystick - left and right
  • A - Jump / Shoot (if airborne)
  • B - Back (in menus)

TagsLocal multiplayer, Multiplayer, Western
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2 - 4


revolvermen9.zip 33 MB

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